Art and fitness: a great mix

If you are around Upper West Side this week, stop by West End Health & Fitness: you will be welcomed by a great staff, including Vito and Ashley, and they have great incentive for members or members to be.

Moreover, they've been kind enough to lend their walls to some of my art pieces. So come and check it out!

Louisa L. to exhibit at 'Postcards From The Edge' - Jan 29-31

Come and see my postcard at the 18th annual Postcards from the Edge exhibition.
Known within the art world as the most exciting and affordable way to add to a collection, Postcards From the Edge offers you a unique opportunity to acquire original, postcard-sized artwork for less than a round of cocktails. And you will be able to walk away with something beautiful, a piece of art you love.
I will be presenting this postcard and will be honored to see you there. If you like it, you will be able to buy it there.