Louisa L. is a French contemporary artist, member of The Art Students League of New York, where artists such as Louise Bourgeois, Georgia O'Keeffe, Jackson Pollock, Cy Twombly, Alexander Calder, Mark Rothko, among many others, studied or taught. She is also a member of National Association of Women Artists. Louisa L. concentrates on acrylic painting, watercolor and mixed media.

Her passion for art started at a young age, when she won a drawing contest organized by the World Health Organization at the age of 8.

After having lived in London and Reunion Island, Louisa L. painted at Paris Ateliers and La Grande Chaumière in Paris, before moving to New York City with her husband and two children in 2014.

In 2015, she was awarded a “Blue Dot” - congratulations of the jury - in the annual painting exhibit at The Art Students League, for the painting ‘Liberté”. Her class mentors and instructors at The League count amongst renowned artists like Charles Hinman, Naomi Campbell, Frederick Wong, Frank O'Cain and Ronnie Landfield. 

In September 2015, she exhibited at ‘Best of France’, the world's largest event ever dedicated to France, on Times Square, amongst other French artists. 

More recently in 2019, Louisa created NewYorkHer, a project combining painting and augmented reality, to show how women immigrants are reshaping the world. The pilot of NewYorkHer was exhibited between March and May 2019 in New York, featuring 10 extraordinary women, all from different ethnicities, who contributed greatly to the success of the project. New York Her has been promoted on Pix11 5pm news.

Giving back to the community:

One of Louisa's paintings has been donated to the French Consul in New York Bertrand Lortholary, in presence of French President Emmanuel Macron (Minister of Economy at the time) and Axelle Lemaire (Minister of Digital Affairs), to celebrate the launch of the French Tech hub in New York in June 2015, and one of her watercolors sold at the auction of L'Entraide Francaise 2015 annual gala.

While exploring different techniques, she is drawing her inspiration from the streets of Paris and New York and from people she has met throughout her life.

Her abstract work, filled with light, conveys a universal message of freedom, love, multiculturalism and most of all, peace. Both the female and earth presence in Louisa L.'s art are here to represent the source of life and humanity. And the colors Louisa L. is using are showing that life is not that dark after all. 

All artwork displayed on this website is property of Louisa Lama-Aknin and its reproduction without her permission is not allowed.