The National Association of Women Artists

This month, I had the privilege to be inducted as a new member of NAWA, the National Association of Women Artists. Hard to believe it is the oldest women’s fine art organization in the country, created in 1889.

Before the opening reception in NAWA gallery Midtown Manhattan, where one of my ‘Mother series” painting is exhibited, the new members who were able to make the trip in snowy New York City were invited into the induction ceremony in the prestigious Rubin Museum. A very moving moment I was glad to share with friends and family who came to support me.

Now, as a new member, I plan to help NAWA throughout the year with their event and exhibition program.

Thank you Roche Bobois for a fantastic exhibit

Since January this year, I've been fortunate enough to exhibit 10 of my paintings in the flagship store of Roche Bobois, the upscale furniture brand, located on Madison Avenue and 35th Street. I learned from them that this store is their number 1 in the world, surpassing Paris. 

For those of you who visited the place and send me kind messages, I know you have been blown by the prominent golden Eiffel Tower standing there. I have to recognize that the attention to details the team from Roche Bobois had in the curation of the art pieces, along with the positioning of them to match with their collections, had me look with wider perspective to the role any business can have in promoting art. 

They decided to take risks by signing with me and keeping my art exhibited for 8 months, and I am eternally grateful to them for that. Now that they've gone public, I wish them the best, and can only hope for future collaborations.

All of these art works are still on sale, should you want to buy them. You can contact me here.  

Being supported by the French First Lady pushes me further

Back in November, Brigitte Macron, accompanying her husband President Emmanuel Macron on his official visit, met with some members of the French community. 

This lady inspires me: she is a former teacher, she speaks and acts strongly for women to be recognized, she is elegant and classy.

I wanted to pay her a tribute and so I created this gold and ink drawing for her, called "Grace". Not only she received it with spontaneous appreciation, but she had me sent a beautiful email note when she was back in Paris. 

Merci, Madame La Presidente !


Jan 20 and 21, acquire an original postcard... and help HIV/AIDS artists

For the third year in a row, I am proud to participate among hundreds of internationally renowned and emerging artists to Postcards From the Edge, a two-day exhibit of postcard-sized artwork.

Each artwork costs $85, and you only discover the name of the artist after buying it. Last year, Postcards From the Edge raised almost $100,000 and we can do better this year, with your help.

Let me know if you go and when. The show is at the Gallery 524 in Chelsea. I shouldn't say it, but my piece is #1022 and I am glad to share a preview with you here.

IMG_7182 2.jpg

"Organic Life" show extended until October 27

Thanks to Pierre's restaurant and to the success of the first month, I'm glad that my show "Organic Life" continues for another month until October 27.

There are some great pieces still exhibited. If any of you are stopping by, let me know, I'd love to hear your feedback.

And thanks again to the first month visitors, and of course to the private collectors who believed in me!


France's First Lady receives one of my paintings

I am proud and honored that Brigitte Macron, France's first lady, has welcomed with pleasure one of my paintings. She was present in New York with her husband, French President Emmanuel Macron, for UN General Assembly week,  and they both met with the French community last night. 

This painting is called 'Grace' and it symbolizes the grace that each woman has inside and outside of her. It is made out of ink and gold paint, materials that I love to use and that I have been using partly in my current exhibit 'Organic Life'.

Wishing her the best in the immense task ahead of her and the President. 

Thank you, Madame!

More videos from my series 'I love your accent'

Still visiting places and meeting people I love.

Ninth episode: Chihuly at the New York Botanical Garden


Eight episode: at Edgar's Cafe on Upper West Side


Seventh episode: at the Brooklyn Museum with Taleen Berberian


Sixth episode: at the Brooklyn Museum for the Georgia O'Keeffe exhibit

Fifth episode: Seated Ballerina at Rockefeller Center

Happy New Year to all!

I feel blessed and boosted by the support I received from friends and fellow artists over the past few months, and I want to share two very moving and recent examples:

Gabrielle HB-Abada, curator specialized in French contemporary art, has published a very moving article in the Courrier de Floride about recognition and how to be a woman artist. She cited me among very accomplished and famous other artists and used words beyond expectations. Merci Gabrielle, you are a wonderful herald for us.

>> Click here to read the article

Sally O’Dowd, multimedia content production and marketing, magazine self-publisher and poet, recently published a series of poems on and used one of my watercolors to illustrate her poem Dancing to Fleetwood Mac on Vinyl. Thank you Sally, wishing you the best.

>> Click here to read the poem

Last but not least, like in 2016, I will participate from January 13 to 15, in the show Postcards from the Edge, to support HIV+ artists. The organization Visual AIDS has featured me on top of their list, so I hope my postcard will be sold to benefit this noble cause. If you are nearby Chelsea next week, come and have a look, it is a great and affordable show!

>> Click here to know more about Postcards from the Edge

Getting ready for the Women in Innovation Forum #WinForumNY

My friend and great entrepreneur Catherine Barba is having a great event tomorrow: 500 people will attend the Women in Innovation Forum (#WinForumNY) in the AXA Auditorium Midtown, and I've been invited to show 8 of my art pieces there. 

I am honored to be sharing what inspired me over the last few months, especially the "Flower Lady" series.

If some of you are attending the forum, let me know!

Here are some photos of the set-up day:

Art and fitness: a great mix

If you are around Upper West Side this week, stop by West End Health & Fitness: you will be welcomed by a great staff, including Vito and Ashley, and they have great incentive for members or members to be.

Moreover, they've been kind enough to lend their walls to some of my art pieces. So come and check it out!

This weekend, come and support Visual AIDS at 'Postcards From the Edge'

If you are around NYC this weekend, come and visit Sikkema & Jenkins gallery (530 W 22th St.) at the 'Postcards From the Edge' exhibit. 

Look for postcard #660 - yes, it's mine - and let me know if you like it!

Thanks to Nelson Santos, Executive Director of @Visual_AIDS for his support.


Louisa L. to exhibit at 'Postcards From The Edge' - Jan 29-31

Come and see my postcard at the 18th annual Postcards from the Edge exhibition.
Known within the art world as the most exciting and affordable way to add to a collection, Postcards From the Edge offers you a unique opportunity to acquire original, postcard-sized artwork for less than a round of cocktails. And you will be able to walk away with something beautiful, a piece of art you love.
I will be presenting this postcard and will be honored to see you there. If you like it, you will be able to buy it there.

Louisa L.'s exhibit on Times Square at Best of France (Sept. 26-27, 2015)

Louisa L. was invited to show her paintings in the art space of Best of France, the world's largest event ever dedicated to France, on Times Square. 

With other French artists, Louisa L. has been in contact with the public visiting the outdoor event during a whole weekend. President Hollande and Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius from France  were amongst the dignitaries to pay a visit and acknowledge France's multiple talents.

Louisa L.'s selection of watercolors were also displayed in the Roche Bobois VIP lounge in front of the fashion show runway, dragging thousands of people every day.